Zoom 5.1.2 Zero day Compromise


Zoom has a Zero day vulnerability, Zero day is as bad as it gets in the IT world and gives the attacker “code execution privileges” meaning they can run code on your computer without your consent or knowledge.

This affects windows 7 an unsupported OS that still holds 23.35% of windows desktops. so a lot of people are at risk

What to look out for.

  • This affects windows 7 and earlier from what i have read.
  • if you are on Zoom version 5.1.2 or before, there are patches coming out soon but don’t get stuck on this older version
  • most other systems including windows 10 have already been patched but you need to confirm its updated.

What can you do?

  • realistically windows 7 is no longer supported and you should not be using it, if you are look at upgrading soon.
  • uninstall Zoom until this has been resolved.
  • 5.1.3 is safe and out on windows 10 already hopefully on windows 7 soon. To update go to you name in to top right and select update.

i would also highly recommend looking at the Zoom security page if you do use zoom for meetings. there are many other ways people can trick you using zoom.
zoom have given a great guide here