Update your Router now!


Hackers are Getting into your data via your Router, Enterprise grade or the one that came with your home internet they are all exposed!

It is not more urgent now than EVER before but then again it is, especially if you have never updated your router.
Hackers are always looking for ways in and while sometimes your being tricked by a (sometimes very genuine looking ) email you can be certain that your router is always being attacked by ever growing Botnets and smarter People.

This is your routers job, to give you internet and to keep the bad people/Bots out but the people are smart and the bots are persistent and always getting better, your router needs to get better too!

Fortunately company are always trying to keeping on top of this and updates are normally available, but not always automatically applied. This can normally be done by logging onto your router and fining the update button, some even update as soon as you log in and some you need to download the update to your computer and then upload to your modem in a more complex 2 or 3 step process.
Find out how its done and do it or get help ASAP

This is your First and best line of deference from attackers on the outside world and the world is getting smarter and darker when it comes to keeping your data secure.

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