Critical Vulnerability in Windows DNS Server


All Windows server versions are exposed to a DNS security flaw that is easy to exploit and if it is allows remote code to run among other major security concerns as well as infect other systems on the network that use this DNS server.

There is an index rating for problems like this discovered Vulnerability, called ‘Common Vulnerability Scoring System’ that scores your chances of being infected and the impact if you are infected. this problem scores a 10 and 10 for chance of infection and impact if you are infected. making this as serious as it gets in the IT world

only windows servers are affected and of thous only windows servers that run DNS for a network but that is still a large percentage of the worlds networks.

What to look out for

From a user perspective this would be almost impossible to spot initially but it would give the attacker the ability to redirect web pages and DNS requests to where ever the attacker wanted, so virus, ransomware, phishing attackers and finally remote code execution all would be possible from our understanding of this. this attack vector is massive once DNS is exposed

What can you do?

There is only one thing you can do for this.
Run windows updates on your DNS server as soon as possible, run updates on all windows servers and client OS’s to resolve known vulnerability

the Fix is out and installs as a critical update to windows. to confirm your as up to date as you can be you can use third party tools like “Belarc Advisor“. this is a great tool for many Auditing purposes and does not send your data to anything on the internet, its all local once you download. the paid for version gives you a Security rating and recommendation that is very useful too.

Lastly, do updates on all your servers and clients and confirm they have run as it is critically important for your security, data integrally and privacy and if your not certain if its done or you think something has infected your network or systems call an expert to asses the problem.

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